Mixed Bag Designs Review and Giveaway

Mixed Bag Designs was founded in 2008 by two mothers living in the San Francisco Bay Area who had a lot of experience with fundraising for their children’s schools. They had realized that most of the products out there for school fundraisers weren’t really useful in our day to day lives. How much cookie dough and wrapping paper can one person really need? We felt that if we could offer something that people would actually use, it would in turn help raise fundraising profits. We started with our reusable grocery bags and it just took off from there.
I received 4 different bags from Mixed Bags at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion
I picked out a Crossbody (the small one), a Backpack (pink), an Everyday Tote (zebra) and a Reusable Shopping Bag (blue and brown).
My Review
Bags, bags, and more beautiful bags. Yes I have an obsession and I freely admit it. I love any and all purses, wallets, totes and basically anything that carries stuff. I have to have different designs and sizes for different uses of course. I can’t use the same bag I use as a purse to carry groceries. So my collection is a little overwhelming, and it drives my husband crazy, but that hasn’t stopped me yet. I was excited to get to try out these 4 bags from Mixed Bag Designs. It took me a while to choose because they have so many great choices in design and size on their site. So I basically went with small, medium, large and a shopping bag. These bags are sturdy and can hold quite a bit. That comes in handy because I tend to carry way too much stuff no matter where I go. Even the small crossbody bag holds a good bit. With the exception of the back pack, which is machine washable, these bags are just wipe clean. Very handy when you have 2 very messy little boys. I am very happy with these bags and with this company. Check out the links below and see all the choices they have to offer!
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  1. I LOVE reusable bags! Living in Austin, TX where there is a plastic bag ban, I love to find unique bags and really like this site! I liked the black and white zigzag weekender and the lunch bag with the hearts on it!

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