Martha Stewart Crafts Deluxe Paper Trimmer Review

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I received the Deluxe Paper Trimmer in exchange for my honest review
Cut multiple sheets of 12″ x 12″ paper at once with the Deluxe Paper Trimmer from Martha Stewart Crafts. Paper lock holds paper in place for straight, accurate cuts. Features an alignment guide, grid lines and popular card sizes for easy measuring, plus a finger guard and handle lock for safety. Sleek, lightweight design is perfect for the home or office. Size: 14″ x 15″.
My Review
I’ve never been much of a crafting kind of person. Since I’ve had my boys though that’s changed a bit. I keep finding all these great ideas for projects to do with them. I got the chance to review this Paper Trimmer from Martha Stewart and I love it. I use it 2 ways. I use it when we do crafts and I want to cut paper up for them, or it needs to be cut a certain way. I also use this to cut coupons. It really comes in handy for that! This is a nice sturdy product that has quite a few uses. It’s plastic but doesn’t feel flimsy or like it would break easily at all. It has the finger guard and handle lock so even my youngest, 6 years old, is able to participate and do things himself. It cuts straight, even and clean. This makes craft and coupon time easy and fun. I give this product a 5/5!!

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