HDMXaudio.com Jam Speaker Review

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I was sent 2 of the Jam Plus Wireless Bluetooth Speakers to try in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
We love music in this house. We love our music to be loud and we jam out a lot. We are always looking for better speakers that are easy to use and we found them with Jam Audio! These small speakers are powerhouses! I love that they are blue tooth so we can use the music on our phones and set the speakers up in different spots. They can be used separately or paired. On their own or paired they provide amazing sound for music, TV and movies from our phones. My boys even use them when they are playing games. They love getting all the sound effects in surround sound. They charge by a small USB cord from your computer. They are very easy to pair up with the phones and with each other and use. They come in several colors so there’s one for everyone. A 5/5 from us!

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