Encourage Hope Pendant Review and Giveaway

Encourage Hope is a community oriented organization, and our pendants were created by Charles Winston (he’s big on JTV). All proceeds are used for our outreach service projects, which is currently for our local Community Cancer Center.
I was sent one of the Encourage Hope Pendants to review in exchange for my honest opinion
When you purchase your limited edition Encourage Hope pendant, you’re helping us reach our goal to facilitate our events in more locations and give assistance to more families who need a help up.
My Review
This is a beautifully made and eye catching piece of jewelry.  I love that by wearing this and sharing it with my friends and family that I’m supporting such a great cause. The pendant is solid brass plated with 18k gold and the cord is nice and strong so it won’t fall off or get caught easily on stuff. The brass pendant also has a white topaz gem in it. This is also a very affordable necklace, only $19.99! Anyone who’s ever had a friend or family member who’s had cancer knows how important the right support can be. By purchasing this necklace you get a gorgeous piece of jewelry, and you help a family in need of that very important support. Check out the links below and help support Encourage Hope.

Win a Necklace!
  1. What a beautiful idea and necklace! I lost my brother to cancer 8 years ago and this would be a wonderful gift for myself. The two things in the care package that stuck out to me were puzzle books and blank journals.

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