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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Emoji Icon Review

Get ready for the hottest trend in accessories! Emojis (aka Emoticons) are a secret language used in texting and social media. They are a cool way of expressing your feelings though picture symbols and expressions. Emoji Icons™ from The Maya Group is the only line of on-trend accessories that allows kids to express themselves with Emojis. Teens, Tweens and kids of all ages will love the Emoji Bands, Emoji Cell Phone Cases and Emoji Blind Packs. Kids can trade them, connect them and collect them all!

I received 10 of the Emoji Bands and some extra packs of the Emoji Blind Packs to review and share in exchange for our honest opinion.

My Review

My boys are both very computer savvy and they love to chat with grandma who lives out of state. They get the biggest kick out of all the different emoticons that they can put in their conversations. When I showed them these awesome Emoji Icon bracelets they literally squealed in joy lol. They were so excited to put them on and show each other the different little emoticons on each of their bracelets. We have a neighbor boy who comes to play and him and my 8 year old like to exchange toys and presents. When he gave his friend one of these he loved it!  I shared a few of the pink ones with friends who have girls, and I wear one to work.  These are great for party favors and to be traded among kids (and adults lol). There are over 80 different emoticons to collect. Besides the bracelets they also have Emoji Cell Phone Cases. These are super cute and fun!

The Emoji products are available at Target, Toys R Us, and on Amazon!


1 comment:

  1. OMG Those are super cute and fun looking! My kiddos would love those.