Computer Virus Dolls Review and Giveaway

Designed using the 1’s and 0’s of binary code, our new Computer Virus designs feature pop-up tags like the warning windows on your screen!
4 Viruses are now available: Malware, Worm, Trojan, and Virus! 
Perfect for anyone who’s ever had a computer virus — or for your favorite computer geek.
Start your collection today!
I received Malware, Worm, Trojan and Virus to try out in exchange for my honest review
Malware is a malicious piece of software (MALicious softWARE). It causes mayhem in cyberspace by compromising security, deleting files, sending spam messages, and stealing sensitive information.
A Trojan is a software program that looks useful or harmless, but that actually has a nefarious intent such as compromising security and allowing access to your system. Like the Trojan Horse from Greek mythology, once the innocuous looking file is brought into a computer system, normal defense mechanisms can be subverted.

 A Worm is a malevolent program that can spontaneously generate numerous copies of itself to travel around the Internet and wreak havoc. Unlike a computer virus, it does not need to attach itself to an existing program.

A computer Virus is a piece of digital code that attaches itself to an existing program to spread across file systems and infect electronic apparatus. Viruses typically corrupt or destroy files on compromised systems, or degrade system performance.

My Review

I love cute and unique stuff like this! I have unfortunately had numerous problems over the years with different computers I have had. I find these to be very funny and I think anyone who’s a novice computer geek up to an experienced IT person would get a kick out of these. These are nice quality stuffed dolls and key chains. They are certainly a conversation starter too. Not only that but these are very educational. The tags have some really great useful information on them. I consider myself pretty savvy, but I was impressed with the facts provided. The Malware and the Trojan has a pretty black and shiny silver design that really catches the eye. I give these a big 5/5!! They will please a lot of different people on your gift giving list!

Win your choice of a plush or key chain from Computer Virus Dolls!

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