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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Allied Shirts Review

Concert T-shirts. College T-shirts. Funny T-shirts. Graphic T-shirts. Solid T-shirts. Striped T-shirts. Old T-shirts. New T-shirts. You name it...

We wear them every day – and everywhere. To work. To the gym. To dinner. To clean the house. One guy at our office wanted to get married in a T-shirt.

T-shirts are an awesome way to let your personality out. To remember a special event (or remember an event that’s a bit hazy!). Or give your team some real spirit. It’s like putting our heart on your sleeve, er, chest.

I got to design my own T-Shirt in exchange for my honest review

My Review

I can never have enough t-shirts it seems. I like my shirts to be comfortable and if they have a picture or message I like it to pertain to something that's important to me. This t-shirt is very comfortable to wear and hasn't shrunk or faded in the laundry. I swiped this saying from a very good friend of mine because it fits so well with how I feel about my Fibromyalgia. The color of the shirt and the printing are very bright and stand out as you can see. The process for designing and getting this shirt was very easy. Once I had created it, it shipped and arrived very fast. It was a  fast and fun process overall. I'm very happy with the quality and service I got from Allied Shirts. Check them out and create your next perfect shirt!

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