Powerocks Review

Powerocks offers an assortment of fashionable mobile chargers to charge smartphones, tablets, and other devices on the go when an outlet is not available
I received one of the Powerocks Magicstick 2800mAh Black Universal Extended Battery chargers to review in exchange for my honest review
This extended battery is small enough to easily fit in a purse, briefcase, backpack…even in the palm of your hand. This lightweight but powerful battery is perfect for work, vacation and everyday on-the-go. It has a modern slim, sleek, and stylish design. Its compact design makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or purse. You could even leave it plugged in to your phone. Micro USB cable and velvet bag are included.
My Review
This is literally the best little invention ever! I love my cell phone and I’m never without it. Unfortunately my battery doesn’t seem to enjoy going everywhere with me. It never fails, my battery dies when I need the phone the most. It’s not always convenient to have to have the phone attached to a car charger either. The car has to be on for that to work anyways. This Powerocks Magicstick is just that, magic! This charges very quickly and holds a charge for several days. I’m always forgetting to put it back on the charger at night so it ends up in my purse for days. No matter what though, when I plug it into my phone, it charges it! I’ve been working a lot of over time hours lately, and we aren’t allowed to have our phones at our desks, or even out on the floor at all. With this charger I know my phone will be usable no matter how long i’m at work. If you have a cell phone, tablet, kindle or anything else you need to have one of these on hand at all times! Powerocks gets a huge 5/5 from me!!
Powerocks offers several different designs of chargers for all kinds of devices! make sure to check them out for all your electronic charging needs!

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