Park Tote Pet Carrier Review

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I received the Sherpa Park Tote Pet Carrier to review in exchange for my honest opinion
The Park Tote from Sherpa has a zippered, mesh top entry with locking zippers, and come with a faux lambskin liner that can also double as a blanket. It includes a handy side pocket for storing small items, and unzips to lay flat! Both the carrier and liner are machine washable. A very lightweight and fashionable bag!
My Review
Yes this is a pet carrier, and no that is not a dog or a cat in there lol. That is my “3rd child” Sammy. She is an Iguana. She could not be more loved and adored by us and my boys. If you can’t guess, she is very spoiled. We take her with us when we travel, if we go to the beach and if we are going to be visiting friends for more than 24 hours. She has a hard plastic carrier, but as shes gotten a little bigger she’s actually hurt herself a few times trying to get out of it. I was excited to try this kind of carrier and see if it worked out any better.  Thankfully it has worked out great. She still pushes at the sides like she does in the other ones, but in this way all shes pushing is soft sides. There are no hard plastic edges for her to get scratched on. She seems to like this soft sided one better, and behaves better then she did in the other ones. Even for a lizard she can make a bit of a mess. I’m so glad this whole carrier can just be thrown in the washer without having to have things removed and washed separately. She’s happy, we’re happy 🙂 This Park Tote gets a big 5/5 from us! 

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