Martha Stewart Haunted House Wall Cling and Gothic Manor Dimensional Skeleton Silhouettes Review

Our Review
Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around here. My boys and husband and I love to decorate and the boys love to dress up. We got the chance to review some cool things from Martha Stewart Crafts and we had a lot of fun using them! The wall clings were a huge hit@ We have a blank wall in our kitchen so my husband got right to work getting these very cool wall clings up on that wall. They were very very easy to do. They peeled right off the backing and went on the wall easily with out a lot of bubbling. He didn’t even have to really do any smoothing at all. They stayed up with no peeling off or falling off, and they were easily movable too. My 6 year old kept climbing up on the table and moving the bats and grave markers around. We haven’t lost a single piece in all the playing and moving. These came down easily with no damage to my paint at all. We rolled them back up and they will be used again next year!
The other product we got, the Gothic Manor Skeleton Hands were very fun also. There were easy to set up. They come with sticky dots that let them be set on almost any surface and they hold very well. We put a set on our TV, our bed headboard and on a few corner walls in the house. My boys colored some of them so they would stand out more. These are plain white so if you have white walls you will probably want to color or decorate them so they stand out. This would be a great group project for a Halloween party. 
Both these items were really great and added flair to our Halloween this year! I’m very happy with these and can’t wait to see what else Martha Stewart Crafts has for the holidays!
You can find these products in major retailers and also on the website below!

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