Kushyfoot Review

Kushyfoot┬« is the first brand in women’s hosiery to incorporate the ancient healing art of Reflexology. All products are exclusively designed to feature a comfortable sole. This is why we add a 3-dimensional padding or “massaging sole” to our products that acts as a cushion between bare feet and the hard insoles of a shoe. The Kushyfoot┬« sole helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet, thereby helping to relieve stress and fatigue throughout the entire body.
I received 3 different items to try from Kushyfoot in exchange for my honest review
I got the
My Review
I was excited to try out the new items I got from Kushyfoot. I’m one of those people that would live barefoot if I could. I don’t like heavy socks and shoes. I have to wear something so I usually wear flip flops all the time. Sometimes, like when I’m at work, I can’t wear my flip flops though. I need to wear real shoes, but I need to feel comfortable still. The Flats To Go are perfect for sitting at my desk all day. I feel like I’m barely wearing anything, and I’m still following the rules. These are so soft and comfortable. I feel like I’m wearing slippers.
When i have to wear dressier shoes the knee highs and the tights are great. They are also soft and comfortable, and they have the massaging soles. My feet don’t hurt and ache at the end of the day like they used to. They hold up really well also. I haven’t had any tears or runs, and the knee highs stay up where they are supposed to. I don’t have to keep pulling them back up and fixing them. 
I’m so happy with these products. I will definitely keep buying Kushyfoot products! I give these items a big 5/5!

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