KleenSlate Review

KleenSlate Concepts offers a line of award-winning dry erase products that are high quality, durable, fun, and easy to use. KleenSlate Concepts was founded in 2001 by Julia Rhodes. KleenSlate Concepts offers a full line of products that are perfect for kids, students and teachers. They are perfect for on the go too!

I received 2 paddle with Kleen Sleeves, a Personal Item Tray and an assortment of markers in different colors in exchange for my honest review


Kleen Slate is an awesome company with an awesome product.  That word tends to annoy me when other people use it, but this company and product is just that good that I will use awesome to describe it.  I had gotten some of these last year but without the Kleen Sleeves and my boys LOVED them. I loved them because not only were they easy and fun to use, but I could slip some learning into the fun and they never realized it. Now that I have the ones with the Kleen Sleeves it’s even more fun, and easier to help my boys learn and retain some very important skills. With the sleeves you can switch out papers, like the hundreds chart seen above, and keep re using the same paper over and over. So it’s environmentally kind fun and learning! They can draw, practice letters, numbers and more and when they are done they can wipe the slates clean and start all over. With the Personal Item tray we can keep all the markers and cloths together in one place. The tray is nice for leaving notes for my husband and the boys too. The markers last and last, and the slates wipe clean every time. I’ve had to use a wipe once or twice when my 6 year old has gotten a bit heavy handed, but for the most part they wipe nice and clean with the cloth. Kleen Slate is a product i don’t want to ever be without. I’m so glad I got the chance to work with them and try their products! They get a big 5/5 from us! Check out their website and social media below, you won’t be disappointed!

KleenSlate Website

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