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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Girder & Panel sets from Bridge Street Toys Review

Girder and Panel building sets are used to construct awesome buildings, bridges, and a water plant. All the pieces mix and match. The Girder and Panel building sets are unique in that the parts are HO scale and they allow children to create structures that are built the same way that real buildings and bridges are designed and built. Build a small city - your imagination is the limit!

We got 2 Girder & Panel sets to review in exchange for our honest review!

We got the Inman Park Townhouse and the Post Office Building Set to try out

My Review

My boys love to build things, out of anything and everything, and they are really good at it! I was so excited to get these sets for them to try. They were also very excited to get the Townhouse out and see what they could do with it. I was wondering if my 5 year old would really be able to help and participate since there were so many pieces, but I was surprised to see him jump right in. The Townhouse set was amazingly easy for them to work with and put together! With daddy's help of course. The directions were easy to follow and the pieces went together the way they were supposed to, so there was very little frustration with this project. Another thing I want to point out is that it stays together really well. It's not flimsy and will not come apart easily so there won't be any missing or lost pieces. These sets are also very budget friendly so you can get several and have your own little city.

Bridge Street Toys is offering a giveaway for my readers! And there will be 3 winners!! They are giving away 1 BOSTON MANNOR Building Set and 1 each of the Town Houses


  1. I would also love to have the Hydrodynamic Building Set. Looks like it would be hours of fun..

  2. I would love to also have the Hydrodynamic Building Set. Looks like it would be hours of fun for the kids.. Thanks for the giveaway!!!