Bugs in the Kitchen Review

There’s a bug in the kitchen! Hurry–get rid of it! The “bug” is a battery-operated Hexbug nano that crawls across the 3D game board as players attempt strategic moves to lead it into their traps. The board features 24 utensils that rotate in place to create paths for the bug. Roll the die to see whether you can turn a fork, knife, or spoon to change the bug’s trajectory. Start the bug in the middle of the board and move fast to turn the utensils in a direction that will lure the creeping creature into your snare. Be careful, a wrong move can let the bug escape your trap! Each bug you capture earns you one bug token, and the first player to collect five tokens wins the game.
The Hexbug® Nano from Innovation First is a micro robotic creature that reacts to its environment and runs on one AA battery (two included). The board can be set up for 2-4 players. The specially included die shows a fork, spoon, knife, or a question mark, telling the player what utensil they can move. Ages 6+, SRP $24.99
We got the Bugs in the Kitchen game to review in exchange for our honest review
My Review
This is one of the funnest games we’ve played together! My boys are a little obsessed with those Hexbug Nano’s so they were super excited to get this out and play. The game board is pretty easy to set up, I think it took about 10 min to set it up the first time. Once the board was set up the fun began. My boys, including my husband, are VERY competitive so this game time got a little loud lol. The board and the pieces are quite sturdy and the Nano bug is so cool! They were screaming and hollering at it to go the way they wanted. This game was quick moving and held their attention really well. It was extremely fun and really got us playing and laughing together as a family. Now they ask to play this every weekend, and I’m more than happy to oblige. I love having family game time and getting them all away from the TV and video games. If you’re looking for a fun new family game night activity this is it! We give Bugs in the Kitchen a big 5/5!!
Available at Target stores and Target online!

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