BreadCat Review and Giveaway

BreadCat product line, currently manufactured in the USA as a plush collectible, pillow and purse. Other products currently in development are kitchen accessories, such as cookie jar, utensil holder, salt and pepper shakers, hot pad and trivets.

I received the White BreadCat Pillow to review in exchange for my honest review

My Review
If you’re anything like me when you have a rough day you need a little bit of cute to make you feel better. BreadCat is the cutest, softest, funnest little pillow! Breadcat is super soft anti pilling fleece that is so cuddly. The face is so happy and it’s embroidered on so there are no loose pieces hanging off. My 8 year old is a “picker”, he can find the teeniest little thread on something and shred it. I can let him hold and play with BreadCat because there’s no worry he’s going to pick it apart. Both my boys love to play with BreadCat and cuddle with the pillow when they don’t feel good. You just can’t look at the cute face without smiling.
BreadCat comes in so many varieties too! Pistachio, French, Cinnamon Swirl, Pumpkin and more. They also offer little BreadCat purses and have more products coming out soon. Check out their website and their Facebook page to keep up on new products and special offers!

You can win a White BreadCat of your own!

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