Umba Box Review

Umba Box is a monthly subscription box of handmade goods for women. Each month you get 1-3 items that could be jewelry, stationary, accessories and bath products.
I was sent an Umba Box to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Review
I love unique handmade goods. I was excited to get this great box of stuff from Umba Box. Every item in the box is handmade, and each item comes with the story of the artist who created it. This box was perfect. I needed coasters, we can’t find the ones we had since we moved, and these coasters are great. The design is cute and unique, better than store bought ones for sure. The necklace is unique also, and I love jewelry that isn’t just a cookie cutter look. You can’t see the color really well in the picture but it’s a beautiful green and the chain is nice and strong. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it out, and I love telling people that I got it in an Umba Box and directing them to the website. This is a great box to treat yourself or gift to a friend. I give Umba Box a 5/5!

Umba Box is offering my readers a coupon code for $5 off NEW Pre Paid subscriptions now through Oct 31st!


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