Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Rescue Review

Join the RESCUE BOTS, along with their human friends, as they encounter Dr. Morocco’s strange new invention, learn about the mysteries of the Griffin Rock Triangle and accidently shrink themselves in gigantic adventures that will be fun for the whole family!

We received a copy of this DVD to review in exchange for our honest review

Episodes Include: 

The Other Doctor

The Reign Of Morocco

Small Blessings

The Griffin Rock Triangle

Rules And Regulations

Our Review

My boys are huge Transformers fans so they love getting videos like this review. My boys love the Rescue Bots because they like to see them come to the rescue and help and be good guys.  This version of the Transformers is great because they come across cuter and more younger kid friendly. There is still plenty of action, but more in hero and working together form. They loved these episodes and keep asking me to buy them more Rescue Bots movies. A big 5/5!

Available at major retailers, Shout Factory and on Amazon

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