TheraPearl Review

Unlike other remedies – frozen peas, ice packs or hot towels – THERA°PEARL won’t leak or drip. THERA°PEARL isn’t rough or jagged and remains soft against the skin. Constructed of durable, yet pliable, plastic, THERA°PEARL conforms comfortably to the body or face even when frozen. The packs are odorless and can be cleaned with mild soap and water for repeated uses. 

Convenient, neat and portable, THERA°PEARL is perfect after a vigorous workout, a stressful day at the office, an irritating cosmetic treatment or painful surgical procedure. Men, women and kids can benefit from THERA°PEARL’s healing properties

I received the Sports Pack and two of the Pals for Kids to review in exchange for our honest opinion

Our Review

We have a lot of uses for ice and heat packs here. My boys and my husband, and yeah me sometimes lol, are always doing something to ourselves lol. I love TheraPearl because it’s so convenient to use. It doesn’t “sweat” or leak and it conforms to wherever you need to use it. It’s very soft and pliable so you can use these packs for anything from a headache to your back, knee, elbow and the list goes on. My boys love the Pals Packs!

They are small and fit in their hands easily. They can get them out of the freezer all by themselves. They love that they animals too! They are also perfect sized for foreheads, which seems to be where my youngest always needs them lol.

The Sports Pack is my favorite. I have had 3 knee surgeries and I have Arthritis in my lower back. This pack is the perfect size to use on my knee when I need it, and it’s also the right size to lay across my lower back when I’m hurting. These are hands down the best hot/cold packs we have used and I won’t go back to using other kinds or brands. TheraPearl has so many different ones to choose from that you can find the perfect wrap for any need. They carry Eye Masks, Neck Wraps, and even Round and Oval Pearl packs.

If you’re in need of some great hot/cold pack that won’t let you down then these are the ones for you!

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