The Pasta Shoppe Review and Giveaway

Welcome to The Pasta Shoppe! We are John and Carey Aron and we’re all about family, friends and food. Our business is family run and home based in Nashville, Tennessee, but our pasta adventure began in 1992 during our honeymoon to Italy. We fell in love with pasta and the Italian lifestyle, and knew someday we wanted to recreate a piece of Italy back home.
In 1994, we traveled back to Italy to understand exactly what it took to make the highest-quality and best-tasting pasta around. Then we added the fun part: hand-crafted bronze dies to create more than 250 different pasta shapes! From cat paws to Christmas trees to college logos, we’ve got a fun pasta shape for everyone.
I was sent a great assorted package of their pastas to try in exchange for my honest review

I got the Cheesy Pasta Kit, the Chicken Noodle Soup Kit, the Ultimate Gators Game Day Pasta Salad Kit, and the ABC’s and Zoo animals pastas to try
Our Review
We all love pasta. I know when I cook pasta my kids will eat it and not complain. I was excited to get this box of pastas to try out. Of course the first thing my boys wanted was the Cheesy Pasta. They got such a kick out of the pig shaped pasta. This kit was delicious. Much better then most of the boxed mac and cheese the kids are addicted to usually. My husband is a Gators fan so he loved the pasta salad he got. The pasta from The Pasta Shoppe is really good, not cardboard-y (is that a word? lol) like some other pastas we’ve had the misfortune of trying. They have so many choices in shapes and types that you will be able to keep everyone in your family happy. They even have specialty pasta like Whole Wheat and Spinach Basil Garlic Angel Hair. We are very happy with the pasta we got to try and we will definitely buy from The Pasta Shoppe again! They have some very cute Holiday pastas!
The Pasta Shoppe has a great fundraising program that you find out all about HERE

One lucky winner will win a collegiate pasta of their choice plus an assortment of seasonal pasta!

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