The History of Today’s Chair

What chair in your house is your favorite??

Ever wonder how the first chair came to be? Turns out chairs have been around almost forever! Even the cushions for making chairs more comfortable have been around a long time. I have wooden kitchen table chairs and I love all the designs that can be found for cushions on sites like Overstock. You can make your home beautiful no matter what your taste.

Everyone has a chair they love. Is it be because of how it looks or how comfortable it is to sit in? My father has this really big, super comfortable La-Z Boy Recliner that he has had for almost 10 years. It’s gotten a bit ugly over the years. He loves that thing, and no one else, except the grand babies, is allowed to sit in it.

I like to have nice comfortable chairs for friends and family to be able to sit on when they visit. We recently moved and we’re a little short on furniture so I get to go shopping soon!

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