The Gore (Oz Chronicles, Book 6) Review

With his dwindling band of survivors, Oz sets out to find Lou. In the process, he not only finds a very different Lou lurking in the secret corridors of an underground tunnel system, but he also comes face-to-face with the man who is responsible for ending the world.
My Review
I could not wait to get into this book and see how or if this story would wrap up. I am so invested in these characters and as usual I could barely put this book down because I had to know what was going to happen. Another kind of monster is rearing it’s ugly head and Oz and his warriors have to meet it head on. There are some great new twists and turns in this installment that keep the reader absolutely engrossed. There’s plenty of suspense and creeps to keep you up late into the night also. The ending didn’t quite wrap the story up so my hopes are high for another book. This is a great YA horror series, but any reader of any age who loves a good scary adventure will love these books!

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