Room on the Broom Halloween Review and Giveaway

NCircle is offering my readers an amazing review and giveaway just in time for Halloween!!
I received these DVD’s and the book and plush to review in exchange for my honest opinion
Our Review
My boys love Halloween. My 8 year old is actually into scary movies so it’s a pretty fun holiday here for us. My 5 year old not so much. I was so happy to get these kid friendly Halloween DVD’s for him. He loved the book that goes along with Room on the Broom, and of course the dragon! He loves little stuffed animals like that. Room on the Broom is very cute and humorous and had him laughing quite a bit. He was a bit confused by the change in the Wiggles but got into it after a few minutes lol. All 3 dvd’s were a big hit and the book was a great follow along.
You can win a great prize pack too!

• “Room on the Broom” softcover book

• “Room on the Broom” dragon plush toy

Total Prize Value: $65
  1. My daughter brings my granddaughter over and my brother and sister in law bring my niece over to my house, before we all go out with the kids trick or treating we all have a nice warm meal. I usually make a nice pot of home made soup or chilli.

  2. My brother & sister in law bring my niece over, my daughter brings over my granddaughter. Before we all head out with the kids to go trick or treating we have a nice warm meal to hekp keep us warm. I usually make a pot of home made soup or chilli. Good times.

  3. Our town which consists of 400 people have a costume contest every year. It is fun to see what everyone comes up with as a costume, we get some really good ones.

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