IMAGINE GreenWear Review

IMAGINE GreenWear is revolutionizing screen printed apparel. Uniquely printed with seaweed based dyes on 100% organic cotton fabric. Safe to wear and super soft, it’s the greenest garment in the industry. A new process for a new generation. MADE IN THE USA. 
I received 3 shirts to review in exchange for my honest opinion. 2 shirts for my boys and 1 for me.
100% Organic Cotton fabric. No chemical finishes or bleaches.
Completely sustainable.
No screen inks, plastics, solvents, binders, resins or pigments.
A member of the Organic Trade Association.
Ultra-hip and designed for cool folks.
Cut, sewn and toned in Fairfax, Virginia.
My Review
Myself and my boys have pretty sensitive skin when it comes to clothing. We don’t like scratchy itchy stuff, and my little one has such an aversion to tags it’s kind of funny. The clothes we wear has to be soft and comfortable, and not have anything in it chemical wise that’s going to make us itchy. IMAGINE GreenWear sent us the perfect shirts. These shirts are very soft and comfortable. I love that these are completely organic and use no solvents or bleaches. The colors hold up wonderfully to washing and drying. The shirts move with my boys so they actually keep them on a little longer than some other shirts they have. I love the shirt I got also. It’s stretchy and so comfortable. I give IMAGINE GreenWear a 5/5!

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