Humpfree The Humpless Camel Review

“Now Humpfree Camel had no humps. 
His back was free of any lumps. 
While others had one bump or two, 
Just where were Humpfree’s? No one knew.”
Humpfree’s back is as flat as a pancake and he’s not taking it lying down. He’s off on a wild search looking for his humps, but there are lots of bumps along the way. What would you do if you were a humpless, bumpless camel?
Our Review
We absolutely loved this book! This is such a great story for kids to learn that it’s ok to be different. My 8 year old is on the autism spectrum and my 5 year old has a language issue so this was really great for both of them. They loved the illustrations and that Humpfree was based on a real animal. We were able to look up hump less camels online after we read this and look at the pictures and facts. They laughed at all the different ways Humpfree tried to make humps for himself. I love the extra facts and activities that are always included at the end of the story. This is another big 5/5 for Julia Dweck! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next 🙂
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