Bue Scandal Nyx Butter Gloss Review

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I received the Nyx Butter Gloss Enchanted Kiss set to review in exchange for my honest review
My Review
I’m not a big makeup person at all, but I do love lip gloss. I’m always looking for the perfect color. I love the Blue Scandal lip gloss I got. The colors go great with my skin tone and it’s light on my lips and not gooey and sticky like some I’ve tried. The applicator is nice and this goes on smooth and covers evenly. It also has a really nice sweet scent to it. my favorite color out of these is the Creme Brulee. It’s the one pictured on the right in the picture above.  The color doesn’t stay ll day but it doesn’t leave my lips dry, it’s actually quite moisturizing. I’m very happy with these and I would definitely purchase more!

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