Blue Orange Games Ooga Booga Game Review

Designed to be easy to learn and to build upon important skills, our games invite families to unplug for hours of good old-fashioned fun.
I got to review the Ooga Booga Game in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
We have been trying to spend more time together disconnected from electronics lately. I’ve gotten some really great games and we’ve been trying to have at least one or two family game days or nights a week. I got this game to review, and we got it out this past Sunday. My 5 year old had a little trouble with this because he’s not a good reader yet. Daddy helped him out though and we had some fun with it. This game is a memory game. You turn your card over and say the word or do the action, and then it’s on to the person to your left. They have to turn over a card and remember your word or action plus theirs.  This got pretty loud lol. the boys loved it and me and my husband had a fun time watching the boys try so hard to remember their words. This would be a great party game, you can have up to 6 players. We had a blast playing this and I’ll be getting this back out many times I’m sure. Ooga Booga gets a big 5/5 from us!
  1. Sounds like a great game. We tend to do a game night once a week to get the family together. Otherwise everyone is doing their own thing. Sounds like a game that even the little ones would enjoy.

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