Annabelle Review

A short story.
We all have our fantasies—our hopes and dreams of what we want our future to be. But what happens when our fantasies are based on an erroneous interpretation of past events, when our hopes and dreams are so far from reality that they prevent us from having any kind of a normal life? A lonely young woman, all Annabelle wants is to love and be loved. But the twin emotions of fear and guilt, from a passion born on a summer day so many years ago, hold her fast.
My Review
This is not my usual genre of story that I read, but I’m glad I decided to give it a try. The writing flows beautifully even though the story is quite sad at times. There are themes of love, obsession and neglect throughout. It’s also quite suspenseful and will keep you reading to find out what the ending is. The characters are mesmerizing. I give this a 4/5.

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