YoYo Lipgloss Review and Giveaway

YOYO Lip Gloss is fun retractable lipgloss. Clip it your your hip or bag and you will never be at a loss for your gloss! 
I received 2 YoYo Lipgloss to try in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
I’m a big fan of lip gloss. I much prefer it to regular lipstick. I was very happy with the YoYo Lipgloss I received. It went on smooth, wasn’t sticky and lasted a long time. I didn’t feel like I was wearing little girls lip gloss either. What I loved even more was that it was on a retractable clip. I am always losing small items like this in the bottom of my purse. With YoYo Lipgloss I can attach it to the outside of my purse and it’s always handy. You can get this lip gloss in 3 different color and flavor variations and there are 17 choices for letter personalization on the clips. When you run out you can simply take the empty tube of gloss and put a fresh one on your clip. You can only find YoYo Lipgloss at Justice Stores and on www.shopjustice.com.
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  1. My daughter LOVES lip gloss! This child is like a lip gloss connoisseur but she always leaves them laying around and then loses them. >.< This would satiate HER need for lip gloss and MY need for not having them laying around all the time. lol Pink Bubble gum FTW!!

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