The land of the Dead (Oz Chronicles, Book 4) Review

In the fourth installment of the Oz Chronicles, Oz Griffin continues his efforts to restore the world he destroyed. But, when Oz and his band of warriors are led to an abandoned Southern mansion, they encounter a serial killer and become infected with an almost uncontrollable urge to feed … on each other. With only nine days to find the cure, Oz must travel to the Land of the Dead and follow in the serial killer’s footsteps. Will Oz survive the journey?

My Review
This installment of the oz Chronicles really kicks it up a notch. The scare factor and creepiness seems to increase with each book. This time Oz and the warriors are not only fighting the destroyers, but they are struggling to survive each other. They wind up in a creepy mansion where they are infected by a destroyer called The Flish. The Flish makes them hunger for each others flesh. They have 9 days to figure out how to stop him. This book moves very quickly and the inclusion of a real life serial killer (Albert Fish was absolutely genius. I’m a huge true crime fan and I also love ghost stories. This was a great combination of those two things. This story veers a little bit off of the storyteller/keeper story line, but it is still an amazing installment in this series. I’m excited and anxious to see where things go from here!

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