Tabletops Unlimited Review and Giveaway

At TTUĀ® corp. we believe that the activities associated with cooking creates memories that live with us for a lifetime. From those early years of being spoon fed while sitting in a highchair, to requesting pasta for every meal and finally exploring the world of fine cuisine, the kitchen is associated with nurturing, family, friends and good times. It is no wonder that center stage for today’s entertaining is once again the kitchen and the theme; preparation, cooking and enjoyment of food.

I received the Cafe Set of Four Mixing Bowls to review in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
I’m not the worlds greatest cook by a long shot, but I sure love to try my hand at the whole cooking thing. It makes it so much more fun when I have gorgeous items for my kitchen like these stoneware mixing bowls. My husband is the baker in our house and he is in love with these bowls also. They are very heavy stoneware and the colors are bright. These can be put in the microwave and dishwasher which is great for easy clean up. We love how deep these bowls are too. There are almost no spills and splatters when mixing cake mixes and other stuff. These are great for mixing and prep work, but they are so beautiful that they make great serving bowls also. They look great set out on the table. We’ve run these through the dishwasher a few times now and there has been no chipping or fading of the color or any problems with the stoneware itself. We are very very happy with these bowls! We give them a big 5/5!!
You can win this set of gorgeous mixing bowls for yourself!

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