So Beautifully Broken Unique Jewelry Review and Giveaway

beautiful imperfections, beautiful mistakes, so beautifully broken…

Unique, Custom, and Personalized Hand-Made Jewelry 

I received one of the Disc Necklaces with 2 discs to review in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
I love jewelry. I love unique and personalized jewelry even more. I like to have stuff that’s just for me but I also like to find stuff that fits my mommy lifestyle and shows off my kids in some way. Finding things with my older son’s name, Nathan, isn’t that hard. Finding stuff with my youngest, Caden, is a bit trickier. There are so many variations of his name. I get really excited when I can get personalized jewelry made with both their names on it. I love this necklace I picked out. Each disc has one of my kids names and their birth date on it. I also picked a heart charm, because the boys are my heart and soul. I love the quality and design of this piece. I get a lot of compliments and questions on this piece. I’m only too happy to tell them about this company and direct them to the site. This necklace has held up through tiny hands, showers and animals with no problems. The chain is quite strong and so are the discs and the charm. I give So Beautifully Broken a 5/5!

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