Roku Review

Roku launched the first product designed to deliver movies from Netflix instantly on TV, using the power of the Internet. Since then, our best-selling Roku streaming players have become synonymous with amazing choice, control, and value in TV entertainment. Join us—and be a part of the Roku revolution.
I received a Roku 3 to review at no cost in exchange for my honest review. free online photo editor, fun photo effects

My Review
There is so much happy in this tiny little box! I am so happy I got to review this Roku. We have 3 TV’s and cannot afford to pay the price to have boxes and cable connected to all 3. Half the time there is nothing that my boys want to watch on regular TV anyways. We put the Roku in their bedroom for them. They are in LOVE. They can watch their Netflix, Hulu, PBS, Vevo and so many more channels.  It’s extremely easy to set up and add your favorite channels. There are also a ton of games on there they can play. The controller is motion controlled which they love for their Angry Birds. You can connect headphones to the remote which means we don’t have to hear everything they are doing lol. The remote is easy to use, even for my 5 year old. The buttons are just the right size and clearly marked. It times out and goes to sleep on its own so I can let them watch cartoons at night to go to bed. On top of all that, if you have a smart phone there’s an app! You can control the Roku right from your phone. This has become the favorite new TV thing in the house. We want to get at least 2 more. We might just get rid of the expensive cable! I give Roku a huge 5/5!!

  1. I have seen this in Walmart. It sounds like a great product. However, we watch netflix on the PlayStation 3 and the xbox. I may have to get one of these for my boys rooms though.

  2. I've been saying that I'm going to get this for Madison's room. Her room is the only room that isn't connected to Direct TV. We currently subscribe to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime so I know there'll be something for her to watch since she doesn't get a lot of TV time right now. Awesome review.

  3. I loved your review, especially when you said that "there is so much happy in this little box". I'll have to take a peek at it sometime. We use Netflix now because cable and satellite prices are outrageous.

  4. Great review. Roku has wowed users with its features including tons of channel selections, awesome market price and built in headphone jack. It's a good deal.

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