Mother Peach Caramels Review and Giveaway

For years, smooth, rich Mother Peach Caramels were the private indulgence of the friends and family of founder Cheri Swoboda, a food professional with more than three decades of experience. In 2010, she brought her luscious treats to the rest of the world, launching her company in the hills of Portland, Oregon. Each small batch of her Original, Chocolate and Hazlenut caramels, as well as her new Hazelnut and Salted Chocolate caramel corn, are hand-made using only the freshest ingredients, for a taste and texture thatโ€™s nothing short of perfection.

I got a few treats from Mother Peach Caramels to review in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
I have a major sweet tooth. I just cannot resist anything sweet, and especially anything chocolate. I couldn’t wait to try these caramels. I had absolutely no intention of sharing this stuff at all. But my husband and kids are sneaky and they have learned most of my hiding places. So I decided to be nice and share. My boys loved the popcorn, especially the Salted Chocolate Caramel Corn. I love caramel popcorn, it’s the perfect sweet and salty combination. Mother Peach is some of the best I’ve had. The caramels themselves are beyond divine. Sweet but not too much and creamy, and pretty soft compared to some other caramels. My boys can chew these with no problems. These caramels and popcorn would make a great holiday gift or party favor. We all loved these items and give Mother Peach a 5/5!

Win some delicious treats for yourself! Winner will get a 6-ounce bag of hazelnut, salted, chocolate caramel corn and one-half pound of traditional caramels. 

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