Find&Save Review

Find&Save provides many ways to explore a comprehensive collection of great local sales, highlighting retailers, categories, items and user-created collections that are popular with the community. From Macy’s to Target to Walgreen’s and beyond, the product grants access to a wide range of local shopping opportunities – on tablet, smartphone or laptop.
With Find&Save you can look around your area to see what stores are having what sales all on one website.
 As you browse the sales you can add the ones that interest you, or that you want to use, to your Wish List
When you find a great deal in your area you can also share it in the local community board on Find&Save so that others can see it and take advantage.
Find&Save can be used on the computer, iPad, and smart phones. You can share your finds on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 
I personally love this site. We are fairly new to our area so I don’t know what stores are good for deals and sales yet. I can get on the website and see who has what going on without having to drive all over hoping I happen to find the sales.
You will want to make sure you bookmark the Find&Save website and check out their Facebook App so you can keep up on the sales!

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