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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bob Villa my husband is not. He's definitely more of a Tim Taylor lol. But he sure does like to give it his best shot. Doing our own repairs can (sometimes) be fun, and certainly can save us time and money. We are in a rental right now, but would someday love to have a house we own that we can make completely our own. For now we can make minor repairs if we need to. I would love to redo our cabinets we have in the kitchen. The Lowe's  website has a ton of useful information and how to's that are very helpful!. There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to make your experience a happy one. If you're more into the outside landscaping work there's a lot of information out there for that too. DIY Network has a lot of great ideas!

If you could do one home repair right now, what would you do??


  1. The floors in my house are still waiting for my old man to fix them.

  2. I have the husband to fix all my stuff at home! Makes it nice having ahusband in the plumbing field.But sure is nice to see some home do it yourself kinda stuff for those times the husband isnt here.

  3. The number one thing is to get a toilet put in upstairs. I'm tired of having to go into the basement.