Delon City (Oz Chronicles, Book 2) Review

After defeating the Takers, Oz Griffin is ready to relax and enjoy being a normal thirteen-year-old kid. So why is he suddenly a middle-aged man who can remember his past only under hypnosis?And why is his past so terrifying? Oz is caught between fantasy and reality, and he has no idea which is which. He is forced to take on the role of warrior once again. This time he is pitted against the purple-skinned,dead-eyed freaks called the Delons. They are more vicious and cunning than the Takers ever were, and they have one mission: Get Oz Griffin. Oz and his band of warriors are back in the second installment of The Oz Chronicles, a gruesome tale of courage and survival. Will they restore the world to the way it was, or will they clear the path for a new breed of monsters to take over the world?
My Review
For every action there is a reaction. That seems to be the theme in book two of the Oz Chronicles. Oz and his band of warriors were able to defeat The Takers in book one. By doing so they have brought an even worse kind of monster into their world. Their hopes for things to go back to normal have been dashed, and things are even stranger then before. This part of the story get a little more graphic and violent, but still stays well within the norm for young adult. The Delons have taken over and things couldn’t look bleaker for Oz and his family and friends. There’s a big twist in this one though, being that Oz is now caught between being 14 year old Oz and middle aged Oz. He doesn’t know which is real and which is fantasy. If you think you know what’s going to happen though, you could not be more wrong. Extremely vivid imagery and character descriptions leave you gasping, laughing and even wrinkling your nose at times. I again found myself buzzing through this book and read it in two nights. When I got to the end of this one I literally was quite mad! It doesn’t seem fair to end such an amazing storytelling experience with an ending that leaves the reader hanging so badly lol. Young, old, girl, boy, whatever your reading tastes, this is a story that just has to be read!

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