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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ChicWrap Review and Giveaway

In an age when everything is complicated, little ideas can sparkle with ingenuity. ChicWrap, a combination of function and form, is one of them. Low cost solutions to address the needs and frustrations with dispensing and cutting in every day life with a refreshing twist. 

I got a ChicWrap to review in exchange for my honest opinion

My Review

Plastic wrap has been the bane of my kitchen existence for years! I have wound up throwing away entire rolls of the stuff because I have gotten so frustrated. It tears too easy, doesn't cling or gets all twisted up. Then there's the whole ugly box issue. I hide mine away because it doesn't look nice on my counter. With ChicWrap I can leave my plastic wrap out because the box looks great on my counter and goes well with with my kitchen. It was very easy to put this together, it took me all of 2 minutes.  There are 4 rubber non skid grips so the box stays in place while you use it. The Zipsafe slide cutter is awesome too. It cuts the plastic quickly, easily and evenly every time. The decorative box is sturdy and can be wiped clean easily if anything gets spilled on it. The cling wrap that comes with ChicWrap is professional grade. It works great! It actually clings and seals my bowls and plates so I don't have to worry about spillage and spoilage. I love this product. I give ChicWrap a big 5/5!


You can win a ChipWrap for your kitchen!


  1. Love the Triangles design. Would look cute in my kitchen. =)

  2. Sounds awesome! I always struggle with my plastic wrap too!

  3. this looks great. I have a similar product and they work great. I hate dealing with plastic wrap.

  4. It does look rather pretty. Definitely something to make your kitchen look even nicer than it does. :)

  5. I hate the regular store bought plastic wrap. never works the way they claim. Im interested to try this one out and would love the sunflower or the triangle one

  6. Plastic wrap is the bane of my existence too. lol I always need it but I REFUSE to buy it and keep it. It's like a laughable kitchen trap. :P I love the idea of the chic wrap and I would totally have one in my kitchen on the counter. I think I might just purchase one for myself and some other people I know who are thwarted by the plastic wrap monster. haha

    The sunflower one is my favorite I think. ;)

  7. i like the sunflower one the best

  8. Love the sunflower one! Great idea