Banshee Worm King (Oz Chronicles, Book 5) Review

Oz and his intrepid warriors have survived their harrowing ordeal in the Biltmore House only to find themselves fighting for their lives in the surrounding mountains of North Carolina. Giant worms have evolved in the twisted world of the Storytellers, and they are hungry. A grizzled stranger provides the band of survivors refuge in his labyrinth of treetop walkways. But are they still fighting to return home or have they simply become pawns in a larger battle? Oz and company will see their numbers dwindle and a betrayal from within will see their hopes for ever making it back home virtually slip away.
My Review
The Banshee Worm King is that “aha!” moment for Oz and the other warriors in this series. This is the point in the story where they stop looking like little kids fighting a big war and start looking like the warriors they are meant to be, and need to be, to save the world. There are new and even grosser destroyers, deciet and sadness to be dealt with in Book 5. This is truly one of the most amazing, novel and fantastical series I have had the pleasure of reading. I am speeding through these books because I just have to know what’s going to happen next. Banshee Worm King has a great cliffhanger ending! I’m so glad I already had the next book in my que when I finished reading it. I really am anxious to see how this adventure ends, but I know I’m probably going to be very sad when there’s no more to read.


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