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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back Forty Clothing Line

Back Forty originated from the idea that t-shirts should be more than something you wear. They should be an extension of yourself, say something, and most of all mean something. The words "Back Forty" originate in the south and they actually mean the back forty acres of a lot. These days the term means the same, but also functions as a definition for being away from town. When I think of Back Forty Clothing; I think of dirt roads, hunting, a beautiful woman with daisy dukes or something as simple as a  few beers with my friends. Just imagine if you could bottle up the south, turn it into an image, an idea, a brand...that would be Back Forty.
 How cool are these shirts! Back Forty is the new kid on the block for T-Shirts, but I love the designs and the story behind the logo. Who doesn't love a few beers, good friends and some good hunting and fishing??
A lot of the t-shirts on the market for us "country folk" tend to be very expensive and some of the logos even seem to make fun more than they promote a better simpler way of living.
Right now back Forty has 4 designs to choose from. 2 men's and 2 women's

You can follow Back Forty on Facebook 
to keep up with new designs
Check them won't be disappointed!


  1. This shirt would be perfect for the friend I was just visiting yesterday.

  2. This is definitely a brand my in-laws in Kentucky would love to know about! I'm sure my husbands Uncle Bubba would love them! LOL

  3. Being a Southern Girl, I really love the look of their line. I would definitely wear the shirts and so would my husband.

  4. These are a pretty cool line of clothing. They are so so cute too. I will have to tell some of my relatives from back there to check them out or better yet ha ha christmas is coming up. Thanks for letting us all know about them.

  5. "....just a small-town girl..." - these are SO cool....

  6. looks like some fun clothing items. I'll check out more!

  7. I like that they have different designs

  8. Awesome shirts, I need to see what else they have.

  9. I'm a huge fan of graphic tees. I like to dress up but on a regular day, a t-shirt like these and some jeans is exactly what I wear...comfy, cute, and practical.

  10. These are adorable t shirts! Will def be checking this brand out! thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks everybody for reading this and actually liking my designs!! That means the world to me! Also thank you so much Jennifer for helping getting the word out as I am just a simple guy trying to start from the bottom. Like she said though, check out and like our Facebook page!

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