WhoopTee Custom T Shirt Review and Giveaway

We wanted to create a t-shirt design and ordering process that we would enjoy: it had to be fast, easy, inexpensive, and fun. Realizing what we wanted from an online t-shirt print shop helped us develop a system that is sure to exceed your expectations!
I got to design a T-shirt that matches my blog in exchange for my honest opinion

My Review
I’m a t-shirt and shorts/jeans kind of girl. You will very rarely see me wearing anything more fancy then that. I always seem to have trouble finding that perfect t-shirt when I go shopping though. Now I can create my own perfect design. WhoopTee is the answer for these kinds of problems! You can find the t-shirt type you want, v-neck or not, hoodies, collared shirts and even shorts and pet apparel. Then you can pick from their clip art and fonts, or you can upload your own image. The process is so quick and easy to use. The t-shirts themselves are very comfortable to wear and don’t shrink or bleed when you wash them. I picked this color and design to show off my blog. It’s like a walking business card! I am very happy with my custom t-shirt and I wear it all the time now. Check out their site and all the choices they offer for creating your perfect design!

WhoopTee is offering 5 of my readers the chance to win this t-shirt!

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