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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toby the Pet Therapy Dog says be a Buddy, not a Bully Review

When Toby steps into the path of a dog who bullies him, and shreds his beloved stuffed teddy-bear toy, we see the hurt feelings it creates. This beautifully illustrated book teaches children about the importance of kindness, acceptance, and being considerate of others, including pets.

My Review

This is a really cute story with a much needed lesson in it. Any child of school age needs to learn how to handle bullies, because unfortunately many of them will encounter bullying. The language is easy to understand and this has been one of my beginning readers favorite stories. The story of Toby the Therapy Dog encourages understanding and kindness towards other people. The pictures are cute and very well drawn. I think every parent and classroom should have a copy of this book!

About the Author

Charmaine Hammond, MA, BA, is an international transformational speaker, best selling and award winning author and radio host, helping people live inspired, resilient lives and is a leading trainer in corporate North America helping transform workplaces.

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  1. Great book. I hope the sales skyrocket! Kids need to learn this early!

  2. These seems like a really good book for kids. I will have to share it with my sister to have in her class that she assist in. Thanks for the share and review.

  3. Thank you both so much for your kind words. You are correct, it is such an important topic for children, and we actually learned so much from our dog Toby about the power of unconditional love and acceptance that he inspired me to write this book. Amazing that our teachers come in many forms, even dogs. :)

    You can follow more of Toby's stories and the cool things he is doing to spread the word of kindness, acceptance and respect on Facebook at
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    Web at


  4. I wish I could hand this book out to every child on my daughters bus without embarrassing her! They are just so mean sometimes and I really don't think they even know what they are doing... It is our job (as parents) to teach our children what bullying really does to a person and then it's the teachers and bus drivers job to help enforce our teachings! Great book and thank you for sharing it with us!