Stonewave Review

Stone Wave will help you prepare delicious, gourmet foods in your microwave that your whole family will love, in just five minutes! Its secret is in the specially designed chimney that allows steam to escape, while the custom dome circulates heat evenly, infusing flavor into every bite! And with Stone Wave’s non-stick surface, you can make everything from eggs to baked desserts without butter, fats, or oils, for healthy, mess-free meals! free online photo editor, fun photo effects
I got a Stone Wave to review in exchange for my honest opinion.
My Review
As a mom of two growing little boys and wife to a husband who works hard physical labor all day, cooking is one of my top priorities in this house. It’s a challenge to find easy and healthy stuff that everyone likes. Stone Wave has made this challenge a little easier for me. I can make quick snacks for the boys when they are hungry 500 times a day without messing a lot of pans and making a big mess in my kitchen.

My boys are very picky so I like how easy the recipes are that come with the Stone Wave. You can add or take away as you see fit. My boys love scrambled eggs with cheese. Normally that would mean a mess, and goodness forbid if the eggs get a little brown, I have to start all over lol. With the Stone Wave I just crack 2 eggs, wisk them up and pop it in the micro for a minute and a half. Sprinkle some cheese on top and they are thrilled. The best part, I only have one little dish and a fork to wash.

The apple crisp, minus the crisp, so basically cinnamon apples, has become another fast favorite with everyone. This is also a super simple recipe that only takes about 5 minutes total to make. That’s much quicker and cleaner then trying to make a whole apple pie.

I am very happy with the Stone Wave and my boys and husband love it too. Now they each want their own so that they don’t have to wait their turn. I give Stone Wave a big 5/5!!

Stone Wave is offering my readers a chance to win one of their own!

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