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I received Avery products to review this time free online photo editor, fun photo effects

My Reviews

First I have to tell you that not a week after I got these products my printer decided it had had enough and died on me 🙁 I’m not in a position to buy a new one right now so I had to get a little creative to show you these great items.
Tri-Fold Brochure with Tear away Cards-These are high quality glossy white paper. You can print anything you need for your business, to offer a service, or even coupons. The paper is pre scored so they are very easy to fold and the tear away cards come off easily with no perforated or ragged edges. These brochures are printable on both sides so you can get a lot of information out there without a lot of bulky paper. Even though my printer isn’t working I have still used these to help me promote some of my blog services.

Blank Printer Compatible Tags with Strings– I have 2 very possessive little boys. You would think they are both boys so what would it matter if they shared certain things. If you are a parent you know it never works that way. With these tags I can tag their activity bags when we travel so there isn’t as much fighting over who’s is who’s. I am a brand ambassador for Boogie Wipes also and I make up gift bags and baskets every quarter. These tags are perfect for marking these. I’m impressed with the string that comes with these. It’s quite string and not easily breakable. Also you don’t have to try to tie tiny knots, there are plastic connectors on the string that work really well to hold it together.

Round easy Peel Labels– These are glossy white so the possibilities are endless, printer or no printer. I have about a million ways to use these. I use them for my Boogie Wipes gifts, to mark the boys video games and movies, to seal envelopes when I send cards and on boxes when I store stuff. These are easy peel off the sheet and also easy to remove off of items after you use them.

Flexi-View Round-Ring Presentation View Binder and Ready Index Contemporary Table of Contents Divider– These two products work great together. The binder and the tabs are both high quality and hold up really well. I have to keep my boys papers and records all organized and these work perfectly for me. Bright colors and big numbers on the tabs make it easy to separate and then find what I need quickly.

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