Shoplet Fellowes Product Review

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I received two products from Fellowes to review in exchange for my honest opinion

Fellowes Laptop Riser

 Fellowes Document lift with dry erase surface

My Reviews
Laptop Riser– My laptop is almost 3 years old and has been giving me some problems lately with overheating. I was happy when this arrived and I got to try it out. It hold my laptop nicely, I have a 15 inch screen, and provides plenty of air flow for it. I’ve noticed an improvement already in how it’s running and how often it’s not over heating anymore. This is also great for my wrists. It relieves the strain from resting my hands on the laptop when I’m typing. It also puts the screen in a better position. I’m very happy with this product!

Document Lift with Dry Erase Surface– I love this. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of room and get in the way, but plenty useful for lists, notes, and it can also be used as a clip board. This keeps documents at eye level when you need to have things handy to type. I use this most as a dry erase board. I have mom brain lol, I would forget my own name most days if I didn’t have to type it constantly. I use this to leave myself notes, leave my husband notes, make grocery lists throughout the week and write down chores for my boys. This works great as a clipboard when I’m filling out paperwork also. This is an extremely versatile and useful product!

  1. Love that lift as well. I forget a lot of things as well and always write stuff down. Great for grocery shopping lists. Will write stuff down when it's almost done to remember to buy them next time I go shopping. Great!

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