MeUndies Review

Top quality designer underwear sells for 10 times what it costs to make. By eliminating brick and mortar stores, retail middlemen and brand licensing fees we can pass the savings to our customers and deliver top quality underwear right to their door.

They sent me a Women’s Brief, a Women’s Thong, Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt and a pair of socks to review in exchange for my honest opinion. free online photo editor, fun photo effects
My Review
MeUndies makes the claim that they have the world’s most comfortable underwear. I have to say I agree! I have Fibromyalgia and a few other conditions, and when I’m in a bad way even the lightest touch and softest clothes can still make me feel like I’m wearing a shirt of needles. This black t-shirt I got is so soft and comfortable! I’ve washed it several times and it hasn’t stretched or faded. I LOVE this shirt and i wish I could afford 10 more like it so I could wear one all the time. I like the briefs because they are also very comfortable, don’t ride up, and like the t-shirt haven’t faded or stretched. The thong, which I don’t normally wear those lol, was the most comfortable one I have and I also loved the socks. I was very happy with every item I got! I will definitely be getting more from MeUndies. I haven’t found another brand that outshines their comfort. I give them a big 5/5!
Right now MeUndies has a promotion where you can get a $20 credit for every friend you refer! So check them out now and get yourself some of the most comfortable underwear and clothing ever!

  1. Well, who wouldn't want a pair from them after this review? I know I do. Thanks for sharing, and I'm glad you found something that helps you feel better with your condition.

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