HCF Happy Calm Focused Review

HCF stands for “Happy, Calm & Focused” and that’s exactly what it does. HCF is composed of amino-acids, vitamins and minerals precisely formulated to produce a synergistic effect.* Every fraction of a microgram of each of HCF’s special amino-acids and neuro-nutrients is imperative to the supplement. HCF helps to support the increase of key “feel good” neurotransmitter levels in your brain which are responsible for helping you feel happy, calm and focused every single day.*
I received a bottle of HCF to try in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

My Review

I have a chronic autoimmune
illness, I’m a mom to two special needs boys, I’m a blogger, I take
care of my family and house…get the idea that my life is a little
crazy and hectic? I was very intrigued when i was approached to review the HCF supplement. We have recently made a huge move from PA to FL away from family and friends and we are on our own down here. Between my illness, taking care of the boys, dealing with paperwork to get them what they need and taking care of the household stuff I feel so flustered and out of sorts most days. I started taking HCF a few weeks ago. I did what they call a loading dose, 3 in the morning and 3 at lunch, for a week. Then I went to just 3 in the morning. It took probably 2 weeks to actually feel any difference, but when I did it was noticeable. I felt like I was in a better mood in general, I was feeling like I was always ready to snap at any second and I was sleeping a little better. I feel like my memory is a little better, I’m not constantly staring into space trying to figure out what I was doing 2 minutes ago lol. The only drawback I found with this is the size of the pills. However I got around that by simply opening the capsule and putting it in a small amount of water and then drinking the recommended 8 oz of water and that seemed to work great. If your feeling a little off or you could use a boost in feeling good I would definitely recommend this!

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List of common Product Questions

They also offer a Free Trial, you just pay shipping.
  1. Sounds great. There is nothing like needing to be calm and get some actual rest when you have children and especially special needs children. Happy to hear that it worked for you. I might need to give this a try.

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