Blueskin The Cat Review

Blueskin enjoyed being a highwayman. He found being reincarnated as a cat terrifying. But when he sees the two brothers responsible for this transformation, he decides to plot his revenge. So begins his adventure as a cat on the High Seas, avoiding grumpy sailors, fighting pirates and surviving a storm, until they all finally arrive in America. There he learns the true nature of being a cat and how much better it is than being a highwayman.

My Review

This was a great adventure story. I loved that I got a physical book of this to review. The book is over sized and the pages are nice and heavy. The illustrations are gorgeous! My 8 year old and I sat and read this together and we both fell in love with the story. The story is so imaginative and has a lot of twists and turns that keep you immersed from page one. There are life lessons throughout the story also. This is a great book to keep on a bookshelf and bring out to read on your own or with your children when the mood strikes. My 8 year old and I have read it twice now and can’t wait to read it again. I’m hoping there are more Blueskin tales to come!
  1. This sounds like a book that my 6 year old would really enjoy as well as my 8 year old daughter. They both love books about adventures! Of course, they love animals too. I think this would make a great Christmas present for them. Thanks for the awesome review.

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