Bleagh! A book about values Review

It’s BLEAGH’s first day at school. Like the other students in his class, BLEAGH is cheeky and fun but there’s one big difference between them….he’s a MONSTER! Will BLEAGH be able to learn important values and make new friends?

I got to review Bleagh! for free in exchange for my honest review

My Review
The first thing that caught my eye about this book was the beautiful illustrations. My boys thought Bleagh’s name was quite funny and kept repeating it until I told them to give it a rest lol. I love when a book is fun to read and teaches a really important lesson or two in the process. Bleagh teaches his new friends empathy, tolerance and cooperation. This book provides a great opportunity to have some great discussions with your kids about how to be accepting and tolerant of other people. This year both my boys are in school and i worry about them making friends and getting along with other children. This would be a great book for teachers to have in their classrooms also. I give Bleagh a 5/5!

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