Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Review and Giveaway

NAIR™ offers a full-range of high quality easy-to-use products. Get gentle salon-quality hair removal that leaves your skin smooth and radiant days longer than shaving.

I got to review 4 of Nair’s new Spa Clay products in exchange for my honest review

You can read all the product details of these and the other products Nair offers, 
including Nair for Men, HERE  
My Review
I don’t know about you but I hate to shave! It is time consuming and dangerous lol. Between having to twist yourself into a pretzel to get all the places you need to shave and the risk of cuts and bleeding to death, there should be shaving insurance available for all the mishaps that can happen. Anything that saves my skin and saves me time is great in my book. Nair is a well known name in waxing and hair removal for men and women. I was excited to get to try the Spa Clay line from them. I got all the products pictured above. The Spa Clay line is really nice! The lotions are super creamy and easy to apply and rinse off. It also doesn’t smell quite as strong as some of the other Nair products I’ve used in the past. I’m a big chicken when it comes to waxing lol. Using the waxing strips that came with this line wasn’t that bad though, and that’s saying a lot coming from me lol. Everything has very clear instructions on how to use it. The moisturizing after lotion stuff is really awesome too! I didn’t have any discomfort with any of these products. And the best part was that everything, the lotions and the wax strips, really worked. It worked on the first try and I didn’t feel like I had a bunch of missed spots like i do with shaving. I will absolutely keep using these products and I’ve been recommending them to family and friends. I give the Nair Spa Clay line of products a 5/5!

You can win the same 4 products I got!! Enter below!

  1. The morning I went into labor with my oldest, I realized that I had hairy legs and wanted to shave WHILE IN LABOR, lol. Shaving + giant belly + contractions = legs being sliced to pieces and still mostly hairy legs, lol!

  2. When I was in the shower shaving my legs, went to turn around and grab the can of shaving cream, my foot slipped and I ended up falling, hitting my hip and slicing my leg several times in the process. It hurt like crazy but is funny now 🙂

  3. Cheerleading camp we had super small stalls and tried to shave my legs. I couldn't bend over so I put my leg up… My knee was seriously touching my chin. Well midstroke my foot slipped and the razor cut me from my knee and most the way up my thigh!

  4. I hate shaving…I have to take blood thinners because I have a history of blood clots and I also have a bad back due to a fall a few years back. Between those two things, shaving is very difficut and dangerous for me. It is hard to bend and twist to get to the areas that need shaved (I always end up with severe muscle spasms) and even the smallest nick bleads forever!!!

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