My 7’s E-Ciggs Review

E-Cigarettes are a futuristic advance in science that look, feel, and taste like a tobacco cigarette and require the same mechanical motions. They expel an almost odorless water vapor that looks like smoke, but isn’t. The secret to what makes the E-Cigarettes better than traditional smoking is what’s inside this revolutionary product.

I received the His & Her Power Kit Bundle to review in exchange for our honest opinion.
 I got the one in regular tobacco and the other with the Strawberry cartomizers.
This bundle came in these nice sturdy drawer boxes that keep everything together nicely and the power pack charging cases to store your E-Ciggs in. Very nice presentation. We got 2 batteries in each box, 8 (2) packs of each flavor of cartomizer, USB cable and wall and car adapters. This is a huge bundle of items for the price you pay.
My Review
My husband has smoked for more years than I can count. I’m a stress smoker and a social smoker. I’ve been looking for a really good E Cigg for him and for myself to cut back. My 7’s has some really great packages and choices and I was very happy to get to work with them on this review. He has tried E Ciggs before but never stuck with them. He always said they didn’t give him the same “hit” as smoking a real cigarette. I don’t think he’s really ever going to completely give up his ciggs, but I can hope. With these E Ciggs from My 7’s he has cut back drastically on what he usually buys in a week. I’m hoping maybe he’ll eventually completely quit, but for now I would be happy if he went to just the electronic ones. I had gotten the flavored ones to try and I really like them. I would love to say they help me quit, but alas my stress level is still pretty high. I have however been going outside a lot less to smoke real cigarettes. I pick up the e cigg and a lot of times that satisfies me for awhile. I loved the presentation of this bundle also. Everything was sorted out nicely and easily goes back into its spot in the box when I’m not using it. They have a lot of other flavors to choose from also. They also offer skins for the battery charger cases and the E Ciggs themselves. This is a great company that offers a lot of choice in electronic cigarettes. I give them a 5/5!

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